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A Modern Approach to the Birds and the Bees: A Parent's Comprehensive Guide to Talking about Sexuality

A Modern Approach to the Birds and the Bees: A Parent's Comprehensive Guide to Talking about Sexuality

by Robin Pickering, ,

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How to Raise a Sexually Healthy, Safe, and Informed Child in Our Modern World

A Modern Approach to the Birds and the Bees is the only book you’ll need for teaching sex education... ―Amanda DeLis-Mireles, mother of four (ages 4–17) and teacher

#1 New Release in Human Sexuality and Health Education & Teaching

This book enables parents to engage in effective age-appropriate, evidence-based, integrated discussions with their children to optimize sexual health and reduce risk behaviors.

Raise sexually healthy kids. As parents, we want our children to be armed with scientifically accurate sexual education. But many of us lack the information, tools, and skill to be able to effectively engage in these complex conversations with our children. This book is an essential tool for parents, informing them about key issues surrounding sexual health so that they are better equipped to engage in age-appropriate, evidence-based, informed discussions with their children that improve sexual health and reduce risk behaviors throughout their lives.

Help your kids through puberty and beyond. Dr. Pickering knows that your children are going to face unique and difficult issues as they grow up. To help you prepare, A Modern Approach to the Birds and the Bees covers controversial and sensitive topics, diving into questions that many parents are afraid to ask. The chapters are written in an accessible format that will be easy for parents to understand and pass on to their kids. This book also takes an inclusive approach to sex education, capturing the unique concerns and questions related to modern sexuality, including:

  • Issues related to social media and the internet
  • Topics such as consent and personal safety
  • Unique concerns in the LGBTQ+ community

Parents looking for age-appropriate books on sexuality and puberty like Celebrate Your Body (and Its Changes, Too!), Growing Up Great!, Boys & Sex, and Girls & Sex will love the scientifically based educational tools in A Modern Approach to the Birds and the Bees.

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  • Robin Pickering

    Robin Pickering is currently a Professor of Health Sciences specializing in Community Health and is a Program Director of Women’s and Gender Studies in Spokane Washington. For 17 years she has taught in both public and private universities about topics related to health. Within university and community settings she has passionately advocated for a comprehensive, honest, and inclusive approach to sexuality education. Her research interests include topics related to sexuality education, women’s health issues, health risk behaviors, and health equity. Robin received her PhD in Education with an emphasis on Health and Psychology, a Master of Science degree in Exercise Science and Pedagogy, and a bachelor’s degree in Health Promotion and Wellness. She serves on various boards that support community health and diversity, equity and inclusion. She also works in a consulting capacity with athletic teams and businesses to promote gender equity and prevent sexual assault and harassment.