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A Small, Stubborn Town: Life, Death & Defiance in Ukraine by Andrew Harding

A Small, Stubborn Town: Life, Death & Defiance in Ukraine by Andrew Harding


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How the Defiant Residents of a Sleepy Ukraine Town Routed an Invading Russian Battalion Changing the Course of the War

“A story of extraordinary heroism by ordinary people.” ─James Meek

It was one of the most significant battles early in the Ukraine-Russia war─a ferocious two-day struggle for control of the farming town of Voznesensk and its strategically important Dead Water Bridge.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine. It's March 2022 and Russian tanks are roaring across the vast, snow-dusted fields of southern Ukraine. Their destination, Voznesensk, a town with a small bridge that could change the course of the war. The heavily-armed Russians are expecting an easy fight─or no fight at all. After all, Voznesensk is a quiet farming town, full of pensioners. But the locals have other ideas. Ukrainian troops, supported by an eclectic army of local volunteers, deliver a crushing blow to Russian plans.

A gripping chronicle by esteemed BBC correspondent Andrew Harding. In his book, British journalist Andrew Harding unfolds a microcosm of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, painting a raw, palpable picture of resilience, ingenuity, and unfettered defiance. Harding, a seasoned BBC correspondent, takes you on an extraordinary journey, navigating the landscapes of war-torn Ukraine with astute professionalism and an incisive eye for detail. Drawing from his first-hand experience and intimate reporting, he crafts a narrative that resonates with heroism, humor, and a deep sense of humanity.

Inside find:

  • A detailed account of the Russian invasion of Ukraine
  • Personal stories of resilience and defiance from ordinary people in Voznesensk
  • Insightful reporting from Andrew Harding, a trusted BBC correspondent


If you liked books on the war in Ukraine such as War and Punishment, The Russo-Ukrainian War, The War Came To Us, Invasion, or Overreach, you will love Andrew Harding’s A Small, Stubborn Town.

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