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Build Better Teams: Creating Winning Teams in the Digital Age (Develop High Performing Teams; Be a Good Leader; Human Resources & Personnel Management)

Build Better Teams: Creating Winning Teams in the Digital Age (Develop High Performing Teams; Be a Good Leader; Human Resources & Personnel Management)

by George Karseras, ,

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High Performing Teams Foster Healthy Business Cultures and More!

Build Better Teams is an insightful book offering leaders a compelling and practical team building ‘code’ to optimize team performance.”—Professor Amy C. Edmondson, Harvard Business School

Want to learn how to be a good leader today? Build Better Teams is an efficient tool to develop highly effective leaders along with their high performing teams in the post-Covid remote and hybrid working world.

Learn how to be a good leader today! The workplace is constantly changing so learn how to navigate the changes with Build Better Teams. Most leadership management books are difficult to read, but George Karseras, executive team development coach and founder of TeamUp, has clearly laid out proven tools and examples to produce high performing teams. Learn about necessary and timely techniques to cultivate highly effective leaders at all levels of your organization. 

Team engagement in real-life examples! Learn how to be a good leader today! Combining over twenty years of experience in team development, Build Better Teams breaks down the historically poor track record of team engagement in organizations, references well-researched and relevant academic studies, and equips leaders with practical tools and techniques. Karseras includes stories, examples, and tips in a casual, easy to read format. These practices are great for hybrid or fully remote/virtual teams.

Inside, you’ll find:

  • Techniques and tools on how to foster high performance in your team
  • How to develop a strong business culture and obtain leadership goals
  • How to cultivate highly effective leadership styles and practices


If you're looking for diversity training books or books for leaders like Stick Together, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, or Team of Teams, then you’ll love Build Better Teams.

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  • George Karseras

    George Karseras MSc is a Chartered Occupational and Chartered Sports Psychologist and the Founder of, a UK based management consultancy firm, and author of Build Better Teams - Creating Winning Teams in the Digital Age and Teams: systems within systems in Business Psychology in Practice. Build Better Teams provides an accessible playbook for those trying to become a better team leader, turning under-performing teams into high performing dynamos. What are the qualities of a good leader? How do we ensure virtual working remains high performing? If you’re leading teams, or want to, this book is for you.

    In addition to his work as an executive coach and consultant, George is a sought-after speaker. Prior to founding Team Up George worked as a Principal Consultant at KPMG Consulting. George works globally with hundreds of teams and CEOs all wishing to harness their potential in a variety of industries – including Banking, Asset Management, Travel, Education, Manufacturing, Property, Building, Insurance, Oil and Gas, Publishing, Retail, Software Development, Professional Sports and Media. George has a passion for discovering what makes extreme teams work under pressure, and you can view his interviews with leaders of extreme teams on the TeamUp You Tube channel.

    George lives with his family in North Somerset where he loves cycling, running, surfing and generally pretending to be an extreme sportsman. You can reach him at the Team Up’s website, or at