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Buns and Burgers: Handcrafted Burgers from Top to Bottom (Recipes for Hamburgers and Baking Buns)

Buns and Burgers: Handcrafted Burgers from Top to Bottom (Recipes for Hamburgers and Baking Buns)

by Gregory Berger, ,

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The Cookbook For All Things Buns and Burgers

Masterful burger recipes and recipes for baking buns from scratch. Learn how to make and bake your way into creating an Instagram-worthy burger.

Baking bread for beginners. Berger understands that not everyone has the resources and skills of a professional chef. He himself is a work-at-home dad who got his start in the culinary world by picking up baking as a hobby, and now he's gone on to create bread recipes for some of Sacramento’s top restaurants. Because of this, his cookbook intentionally emphasizes that all these crowd-pleasing burgers and buns can be made by anyone.

Tips and tricks for beginning and experienced cooks. We can’t devote endless hours to our meal creations, as much as some of us would like to. Cooking often calls for prioritization. Knowing that we’re baking bread from scratch, Berger shares with readers a few ideas for cutting corners when preparing a meal―such as mixing Blood Mary spices into store-bought mayo for a delicious aioli sauce.

Discover in Buns and Burgers:

  • Over 30 delicious and diverse hamburger bun recipes, complete with photos, each followed by the burger creation
  • Shortcuts along the way for those looking to save time
  • Mouth-watering hamburger recipes like the cotija and green onion bun with a black bean and sweet potato burger, topped with roasted poblano mayo

Fans of cookbooks such as Bread Baking for Beginners, The Food Lab, or The Ultimate Burger by America’s Test Kitchen will salivate over the recipes in Gregory Berger’s Buns and Burgers.

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  • Gregory Berger

    Gregory Berger was a full-time, stay-at-home dad running his own successful company when he was first inspired to make bread. Between diaper changes and the graphic design work he does for restaurants and nonprofits through his company, Pomegranate Design, Greg read a book about sourdough bread. He baked one loaf and it sparked a passion. Greg has earned blue ribbons four years in a row at the California State Fair. He now creates original bread recipes for some of the top restaurants in Northern California. Greg is also well known for baking buns and rolls for charity events that draw thousands, including the Sacramento Burger Battle and the Sacramento Sausage Fest. If you ask nicely, he'll probably make you a loaf.

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