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Extreme Survival: Lessons from Those Who Have Triumphed Against All Odds (Survival Stories, True Stories)

Extreme Survival: Lessons from Those Who Have Triumphed Against All Odds (Survival Stories, True Stories)

by Michael Tougias, ,

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Witness True Resilience in These Incredible Survival Stories

“Michael Tougias converts the wisdom of survivors into advice we can all use...” —Amanda Ripley, bestselling author of The Unthinkable: Who Survives When Disaster Strikes—and Why

#1 New Release in Disaster Relief

Extreme Survival will have you on the edge-of-your-seat with truly amazing survival stories.

New York Times bestselling author Michael Tougias has earned critical acclaim and literary awards for his many best-seller non-fiction narratives. Extreme Survival is the long-awaited follow-up to The Finest Hours, co-authored with Casey Sherman.

Explore the stories and the causes of manmade disasters. To answer the question of why disasters happen and how some survive, Tougias interviewed over 100 people who survived against all odds, first chronicling their harrowing survival stories, and then discussing in detail lessons learned. Extreme Survival delivers the entertainment and exceptional research Michael Tougias fans expect.

Understand resilience through the mindset of survivors. Surviving disasters requires survival techniques to kick in at the right moment. Learn what a person is capable of when under extreme pressure and facing imminent disaster.

Inside find:

  • Captivating and narrative survival stories told in true Tougias trademark style
  • Analysis of major man-made disasters and the faulty decisions that led to them
  • First-person accounts and detailed survival tactics that can apply to your every-day life


If you like true survival books like The Greatest Survival Stories of All Time, Into Thin Air, The Gift of FearInto the Abyss, Deep Survival, or If I Live Until Morning, you’ll love Extreme Survival. Also don’t miss reading other Michael Tougais survival books, including Fatal Forecast, Ten Hours Until Dawn, A Storm Too Soon, and Overboard!

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  • Michael Tougias

    I've written and co-written 30 books for adults and have been fortunate enough to land on the NY Times Bestseller list and had a Disney movie made on The Finest Hours. I've also written several books for children age 8-13, some of which are part of my "True Rescue Series" with MacMillan Publishing, and others part of "True Survival Series" with Little Brown. You can learn more about me and see videos related to my books and my presentations at

    Some of my previously out of print books are back on Amazon but they can be tricky to find. So after the name of the book write Michael Tougias Communications in the search for Blizzard of 78, River Days-CT River, Nature Walks in Central MA, Until I Have No Country: A Novel of King Philip's War, New England Wild Places

    My latest books are:

    1) Extreme Survival: Lessons From Those Who Have Triumphed Against All Odds

    2) No Will Set You Free: Learn to Say No, Set Boundaries, Stop People Pleasing

    3) The Waters Between Us: A Boy, A Father, Outdoor Misadventures, and the Healing Power of Nature. A coming of age story, a father/son relationship, my Dad's courage in the face of years of adversity, and finally a celebration of nature at my remote cabin in Vermont. While the book has it's serious side it also has laugh out loud humor like A Walk In The Woods.

    4) Claws (This is a kids book age 9-14. Think "Jaws" only this time its a 7 foot lobster! See the spot on review by Midwest Book Review when you search for the book here on Amazon.

    5) Abandon Ship: The True WWII Story About the Sinking of the Laconia

    I write on a variety of topics which could roughly be grouped as follows:

    TRUE SURVIVAL & RESCUE STORIES: my books include "Overboard!", "Ten Hours Until Dawn", "The Finest Hours" (now a Disney movie), "A Storm Too Soon", "Rescue of the Bounty", "Fatal Forecast", and "So Close to Home"

    HISTORY: "King Philip's War" (co-author), "Quabbin", "The Blizzard of 78", "Above & Beyond: JFK and America's Most Dangerous Spy Mission"

    HUMOR AND THE OUTDOORS: "There's a Porcupine in My Outhouse: The Vermont Misadventures of a Mountainman Wannabe"

    MEMOIR & OUDOOR ADVENTURE: "The Waters Between Us: A Boy, A Father, Outdoor Misadventures, and the Healing Power of Nature.

    YOUNG ADULT/MIDDLE READER: "Attacked at Sea", "The Finest Hours", "Into the Blizzard", "A Storm Too Soon", "Claws", "In Harms Way" "Rescue of the Bounty" "Abandon Ship"

    I'm not sure what I'll do next. But I'll follow my intuition. And, of course, the topic has to be something I feel passionate about. I give presentations about my books across the country and also give inspirational talks for businesses on decision-making and reaching difficult goals. You can learn more at Thank you for all your support! Michael Tougias