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Finance Secrets of Billion-Dollar Entrepreneurs: Venture Finance Without Venture Capital (Capital Productivity, Business Start Up, Entrepreneurship, Financial Accounting)

Finance Secrets of Billion-Dollar Entrepreneurs: Venture Finance Without Venture Capital (Capital Productivity, Business Start Up, Entrepreneurship, Financial Accounting)

by Dileep Rao, ,

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Take Control of Your Startup―and Watch it Grow

“This book delivers clear thinking for entrepreneurs who want to control their own destiny and grow their business without the need for venture capital.” −Joel Cannon, co-founder and president of Cannon Technologies

An analysis of success.  Award-winning professor of entrepreneurship Dileep Rao presents readers with a detailed guide to success through his interviews and analysis of billion-dollar entrepreneurs (those who built a venture from startup to more than $1 billion in sales and valuation) and 100 million-dollar entrepreneurs (startup to $100 million).

Build your business without venture capital (VC) funding.  Rao is here to show entrepreneurs that it is possible to start a business without outside help. He shares how more than 90 percent of America’s billion-dollar entrepreneurs in the VC era (since 1946) avoided or delayed VC, and instead used finance-smart expertise―skills that combine business-smart, capital-smart, and leadership-smart strategies.

The right mix of internal and external financing. It takes more than one person to grow a business from the bottom up. But that doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice control of the venture in the process. Armed with 23 years of experience as a financer, Rao shows readers how to optimize internal financing so as to attract external financing. By keeping control of the venture, entrepreneurs keep more of the wealth, as well.

In Finance Secrets of Billion-Dollar Entrepreneurs learn about:

  • Pre-financing, financing and post-financing skills and strategies of finance-smart entrepreneurs
  • The ins and outs of venture finance, applicable to anyone looking to start a business
  • Tips on increasing capital productivity and attaining financially sustainable entrepreneurship


If you’ve enjoyed entrepreneurship-focused titles like The Lean StartupThe $100 Startup, or Venture Deals, then Rao’s Finance Secrets of Billion-Dollar Entrepreneurs is the next book for you.

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  • Dileep Rao

    Dr. Rao has started four businesses (including corporate ventures) and managed five turnaround businesses (four succeeded) where he was chairman and director of emerging ventures and financial institutions.

    Dr. Rao advises on building big businesses with finance-smart strategies. His clients have included entrepreneurs; governments, including the US government; Fortune 1000 corporations, including Medtronic and General Mills; and financial institutions, such as banks and development financial institutions in the United States.

    Dr. Rao is a clinical professor of entrepreneurship at Florida International University. Previously he was at the University of Minnesota. He has been awarded numerous awards for teaching at both universities. Rao has also taught at Stanford, INCAE (Costa Rica), and Harvard in addition to Executive MBA programs around the world. He is also a keynote speaker on how finance-smart entrepreneurs develop high-growth ventures with little or no venture capital.

    Dr. Rao is a nationally acclaimed author and the entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial finance blogger for, one of the world’s largest online business sites. He has two engineering degrees and a doctorate in business administration from the University of Minnesota.