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How to Ikigai: Lessons for Finding Happiness and Living Your Life's Purpose (Ikigai Book, Lagom, Longevity, Peaceful Living)

How to Ikigai: Lessons for Finding Happiness and Living Your Life's Purpose (Ikigai Book, Lagom, Longevity, Peaceful Living)

by Tim Tamashiro, ,

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Transform Your Life With Ikigai

"The practice of Ikigai leads to a longer and more joy-filled life'" ―Elise Marie Collins, author of Super Ager

#1 Bestseller in Customs & Traditions

Discover the secret to lasting happiness and longevity in this transformative self-help book based on the ancient Japanese, time-tested wisdom of Ikigai.

Find joy in life's journey with Ikigai. This ancient wisdom from Okinawa, Japan, can illuminate your path to self-improvement. Okinawa, Japan is a tiny island south of the Japanese mainland where people live their life’s purpose every day. How to Ikigai explores the lifestyle choices that have led to an island full of fulfilled, long-living people.

Embrace longevity through the Ikigai philosophy. Learn to age gracefully, armed with the secrets of one of the longest-living communities on earth. By integrating Ikigai into your life, you foster an attitude of gratitude, infuse your days with happiness, and inspire purposeful living.

How to Ikigai explains a simple four-directions map for living a meaningful life. Do what you love, do what you’re good at, do what the world needs, and do what you can be rewarded for.

In this groundbreaking self-help book, you'll discover:

  • An engaging exploration of the Ikigai philosophy, offering profound insights into finding your life purpose
  • Practical steps for implementing Ikigai in your everyday life, paving the way for happiness and self-improvement
  • Powerful narratives showcasing Ikigai in action, like the inspiring story of David Michiels


If you liked books such as Awakening Your Ikigai, My Little Ikigai Journal, or Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life, you’ll love How to Ikigai. Also, be sure to listen to Kate Hudson and Oliver Hudson’s podcast exploring Ikigai with Tim Tamashiro.

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  • Tim Tamashiro

    Tim Tamashiro is the author of the non-fiction book How To Ikigai. His daily intention is to connect with people to share meaningful experiences.

    From 2007-2017 Tim was the host of the nightly national jazz program Tonic on CBC Radio 2 in Canada. At the end of his decade as a radio host he felt the desire to pursue deeper meaning in his life's work. He departed from CBC to study positive psychology and Ikigai (life's worth) with a year long "Ikigap year".

    Tim has learned that his own Ikigai is "to delight". He now offers keynotes, workshops and music performances to demonstrate how Ikigai is an effective and meaningful way to add more joy into the work of each day.

    What is Ikigai?

    Ikigai is an ancient philosophy for life's purpose. It comes from Okinawa, Japan. Ikigai has four simple directions:

    1. Do what you love

    2. Do what you're good at

    3. Do what the world needs

    4. Do what you can be rewarded for