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Letters from a Better Me: How Becoming an Empowered Woman Transforms the World

Letters from a Better Me: How Becoming an Empowered Woman Transforms the World

by Rachel Wolff, ,

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Empower Yourself and Change the World


“Becoming a strong woman starts with self-development and Rachael Wolff's book is a powerful tool to help you soar.” ―Louise Harmon, author of Happiness A to Z


Become the very best and strongest women you can be with the unique tools and practices in Letters from a Better Me

Self-esteem for empowerment. By practicing affirmations each day, you become stronger emotionally and psychologically. Writing letters to yourself can be a powerful affirming process that gives you the courage to face adversity and helps you develop resilience that will get you through anything.

The art of staying present. There is power in planting ourselves in the present. It allows us to evaluate where we are and what direction we want to be heading in. In this book, the author guides you through creating action plans. She encourages us to create positive change and foster long-lasting energy and focus. In turn, we develop the skills necessary to advocate both for ourselves and others, in a way that builds us up without tearing others down.

Looking for a self-help book for women? Find everything you’re looking for and more in Rachael Wolff’s Letters from a Better Me. Inside find:

  • Letters that promise to inspire and empower you to pursue positive change
  • Guides at the end of each chapter for writing your own letters
  • A chance to grow from difficult times and write your way back to who you want to be


Readers of titles such as Judgement DetoxI Am That GirlWhat I Know NowLoving What Is; and Girl, Stop Apologizing will find further healing and empowerment in Rachael Wolff’s Letters from a Better Me.

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  • Rachel Wolff

    Rachael Wolff grew up reading self-help, personal discovery, and spiritual writings. Her experience with personal transformation goes back over thirty years. She has let her beliefs in helping herself and others inspire the life she leads.

    Wolff got a taste for helping the masses in the 90’s when she became a National Sales Trainer for the indoor tanning industry. She realized that she was more connected to helping people feel better about themselves than the actual sales. After having children, she became a pre-school teacher and enjoyed learning how human minds develop and change. She went back to school as a newly single mom.

    Wolff graduated from Eckerd College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development and a Minor in Anthropology, focusing on cultural anthropology. After receiving her degree with an award in “Excellence in Human Development”, she used her own 30 years of personal and spiritual development, along with her education, to fulfill her dream of becoming a transformational coach and published author. Her goal is to inspire individuals to make great changes in the world by becoming their best selves. Empower Yourself, Change the World!


    My goal is to support as many people as I can to find the best versions of themselves. We won’t see the changes we want to see in the world until we approach them with positive energy. When we can radiate positive energy from our core, we change how our energy effects the world around us.

    I’m committed to stop allowing fear, hate, anger, and rage lead us into more distruction. I will do my part in spreading messages of love and empowerment. My material is personal. My writing, coaching, and speaking is aimed at helping people live inspired lives.

    I've been lost in the darkness of all the rage, anger, hate, greed, lack, despair, cruelty, and separation. Now I live in the light of joy, compassion, abundance, gratitude, inspiration, hope, and inclusion. The perspectives of truth I live by now light up my life and with that help others. I'm committed to help others step out of their own ways to become the best version of themselves, because I know that is how we will transform the world.