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Mad for Math: Make Space for Geometry: A Geometry Basics Math Workbook (Geometry Fun for Kids) (Ages 9-10)

Mad for Math: Make Space for Geometry: A Geometry Basics Math Workbook (Geometry Fun for Kids) (Ages 9-10)

by Mattia Crivellini, Agnese Baruzzi, ,

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Learning Geometry Basics Has Never Been More Fun!

Introducing Mad for Math, a new series of childrens’ activity and math workbooks filled with math activities, geometry for kids, and fun math games for kids (with 8 pages of stickers)

Let’s take a trip to space! Explore the universe with some new friends and learn about geometry basics. Blast through stars and constellations on your way to finding geometry forms and math solutions. In this Mad for Math activity book, green funny aliens help kids build their math skills and master the knowledge of shapes, formulas, and figures.

Mad for Math, math for kids books offer children's math activities and math solutions.  Presented in an engaging and motivating way through storytelling, Mad for Math books help foster a positive attitude towards mathematics. Geometry concepts are introduced by short stories that stimulate your child’s curiosity by linking mathematical exercises to a “reality”, albeit imagined. Your child will learn the basic concepts of plane geometry (points, lines, and angles), polygons, solid figures, isometries, area calculation, problem solving, and lateral thinking.

Mad for Math books are designed to delight:

  • A perfect gift for children ages 9-10
  • Packed with stories and activities that make learning geometry basics fun
  • Children are challenged with games of growing complexity, and answers are found at the end


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  • Mattia Crivellini, Agnese Baruzzi