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Tapped in Wellness: Lasting Preformance and Health through Mindful Living and Eating

Tapped in Wellness: Lasting Preformance and Health through Mindful Living and Eating

by Malcolm Regisford, ,

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The Three Pillars of Self-Improvement

Stress management has never been easier than with Tapped In Wellness. Discover the three keys to a healthy mind, body, and spirit so you can live life to the fullest.

Combat stressors with these self-practices. Stress can appear in many ways that affect your mental, physical, and emotional well-being. So instead of searching for solutions that don’t cover everything you need, look toward Malcolm Regisford’s powerful debut. Tapped In Wellness is a mindfulness book that shares effective coping skills that reduce stress while improving your body and mind. Covering the importance of mindful movement, self-reflection and meditation, and a nutritious diet, you’ll be feeling great in all aspects of your life.

Find your connection to happy living. For many people, they believe self-care is about taking care of one important aspect of themselves that needs extra attention. But every part of you deserves to feel appreciated, so let yourself know that with the life-changing advice of Tapped In Wellness. You’ll discover how making conscious decisions about your health and well-being will improve the way you feel. That way, life’s biggest stressors won’t stand a chance against a healthier and happier you.

Inside, you’ll uncover important answers about the three pillars of health and fitness, like:

  • How to implement self-improvement techniques in everyday life
  • Why healing your body and mind can help your spiritual health
  • Recommended plant-based recipes that will boost your energy


If you enjoyed holistic healing books such as The Plant-Based Athlete, The Art of Letting Go, or Functional Training for the Mind, you’ll love Tapped In Wellness.

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  • Malcolm Regisford

    Malcolm Regisford is a holistic lifestyle creator and wellness enthusiast who promotes recipes and self-care techniques for better living. Once a Division 1 player at Colgate University, he suffered an ankle injury that set back his basketball career. However, Malcolm effectively recovered physically and mentally after implementing plant-based recipes and wellness methods into his routine. Since then, he has shared his journey and wisdom with others on social media through motivational content on being consciously active in your emotional, mental, and physical health. He currently resides in Los Angeles.