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The Art of Stopping: How to Be Still When You Have to Keep Going (Mindfulness Meditation, Coping Skills) by David Kundtz

The Art of Stopping: How to Be Still When You Have to Keep Going (Mindfulness Meditation, Coping Skills) by David Kundtz

by David Kundtz, ,

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Coping Skills for Dealing with the Overwhelming Responsibilities of Life

“An elegant, powerful, and simple tool for finding serenity. Just what the world needs right now.” ―Richard Carlson, author of Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

We are always on the go. Balancing work, family, friends, and everything in between is a routine of running and never stopping─a cycle that can be tiring. We forget the beauty of the smaller moments and sometimes we forget to stop and use our coping skills.

Stopping is a gift to yourself. Knowing when to breathe and regain a clearer vision of yourself and your surroundings helps give you a fresh perspective and an inner balance meant to help you feel in control of the bigger things.

Who are you? What are your true priorities? Your responsibilities may have taken over and are preventing you from living to your fullest potential. Dr. Kundtz gives you insight into key questions you should be asking.

Stop whatever you’re doing and enjoy the sunrise. Big things can grab your attention but don’t forget to turn around and find the serenity in stillness─the peace in a deep breath, and the happiness in remembering who you are.

With this valuable guide learn to:

  • Connect with the spiritual aspects of your life
  • Practice mindfulness and reduce stress
  • Acknowledge when it becomes too much and take a step back
  • Use proper coping skills to create healthier habits


If you enjoyed books like The Way of Integrity, Giving Grief Meaning, I Am Invincible, Time Management for Mortals, or The Road Less Traveled, then you’ll love The Art of Stopping.

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  • David Kundtz

    David Kundtz, S.Th.D., M.F.T, has sold more than 113,000 books in English, Spanish, and Japanese. He is a speaker and author of 7 books including the bestselling QUIET MIND: One Minute Mindfulness. David began as a Clergyman — for 20 years — then established a psychotherapy practice in Berkeley, CA for 20 more.

    David's Ph.D. is in pastoral psychology with graduate degrees in psychology and theology. A former Director and Presenter of Inside Track Seminars, David has sold more than 113,000 books around the world (in English, Spanish, and Japanese).


    In David's Words:


    "Would you please tell me, in understandable language, just what a "feeling" is?"

    My writing career began when a client of my counseling practice, a thirty-something married man who was clearly frustrated, asked me that question.

    "Oh" I responded, "that's a great question and not so easy to answer."

    I made some notes for him on the topic and later (1990) turned them into a self-published 40-page booklet, which became a successful small book, which became Nothing's Wrong: A Man's Guide to Managing His Feelings, which is still selling.

    And I'm still writing. Seven books later, I see a common thread that runs through all my work: Awareness. Specifically, trying to be as aware as possible of what is actually going on right now, as well as in the whole arc of life, and helping others to do the same.

    That idea is first and foremost in my writing and is well exemplified in my most recent book Being Present: A Book of Daily Reflections. Awareness is also at the heart of the practice of Stopping. (See my web page for an exposition:

    I've been fortunate to have a couple of best-sellers, Stopping: How to Be Still When You Have to Keep Going and Quiet Mind: One Minute Mindfulness, the latter being the best-selling of all. Among the others is Nothing's Wrong, mentioned above; an autobiographical work, Coming To: A Biomythography; a follow up to Quiet Mind, titled Awakened Mind: One Minute Wake Up Calls, and a work with a co-author on ministry.

    In total, well over 100,000 books sold. A reviewer commented: "Kundtz is an innovator in bringing the ancient wisdom of the world's spiritual traditions to modern readers, using language and concepts familiar to the contemporary, and too often pre-occupied, western mind."

    For some reasons that have faded into the mist of memory, I made a resolution when I was a boy of about nine or ten that I would do my best not to "sit behind a desk" for my life's work. I would try to do something that would get me out and about.

    I have more-or-less stuck to that resolution, even though, here I am, sitting at my desk, writing. I believe the feeling behind my youthful decision was a desire to do something I enjoyed, that had to do with being helpful to people, and allowed a certain amount of creativity.

    So at the age of 21, I started out my adult life by choosing something that surprised my family and friends, and in an odd way, even surprised me: I entered a seminary to become a Catholic priest. Of course, there are a lot of stories behind that decision, but in any event, so I did, and in 1963, I entered the ordained ministry for some 20 enjoyable years and many wide-ranging experiences. I did make a bid for independence by leaving my secure and family-filled home of Cleveland, Ohio and leapt across the country to do ministry in the unknown, beautiful state of Idaho, with a wonderful three-and-a-half year service in Cali, Colombia.

    Not everyone has a mid-life crisis, but I sure did and, as a result, I left religious ministry and entered graduate school at the age of 42, earning a doctoral degree in psychology at a school of the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California. That led to my second career: marriage and family therapist, a profession that I love to this day. I first worked at a social service agency in Oakland, California and then moved into a private practice in Berkeley for another 20 some years.

    So - erstwhile priest, psychotherapist, and writer - Here I am and grateful to be. Please feel free to contact me by email: