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The Other Ancient Civilisations: Decoding Archaeology’s Less Celebrated Cultures by Raven Todd DaSilva

The Other Ancient Civilisations: Decoding Archaeology’s Less Celebrated Cultures by Raven Todd DaSilva


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Other Civilizations and Cultures With Rich and Unique Histories

Welcome ancient history lovers and archaeology fans! Raven Todd DaSilva, award-winning scholar, archaeologist, and creator of the popular archaeology online educational platform Dig it With Raven, wants to introduce you to some fascinating ancient civilizations and cultures that may have been overlooked in history class.

Lesser-known ancient civilizations and cultures. Books on ancient civilizations often focus only on well-known cultures such as ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. They rarely include others from around the world such as the Moche, Great Zimbabwe, Indus Valley, Scythians, or even prehistoric or indigenous cultures. These cultures, among others, can help shape the way we understand history.

A more nuanced look at the ancient world. The Other Ancient Civilizations looks outside mainstream ancient civilizations and cultures and delves into astounding finds unearthed at archaeological sites around the world. Discover the archaeology that sheds light on the secrets of the Nubians, Olmec, Ancestral Pueblo, Minoans, Akkadians, and many more.

Decoding ancient cultures from what they left behind. Each chapter in The Other Ancient Civilizations focuses on a different ancient culture, examining the archaeological evidence, who they interacted with, and what we can learn from them. Key artifacts and archaeological sites are highlighted for context, as well as astounding finds that helped change the way we understand history.

Inside discover:

  • A more in-depth understanding of ancient cultures from around the world
  • An appreciation for the people who lived during these times and in these cultures—not just the great rulers and the monumental buildings left behind
  • A realization that ancient people were not that different from who we are today

If you’ve read books such as 1177 B.C., Sapiens, or The Five-Million-Year-Odyssey, you’ll love Raven’s The Other Ancient Civilizations.

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