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The Unschooler's Educational Dictionary: A Lighthearted Introduction to the World of Education and Curriculum-Free Alternatives

The Unschooler's Educational Dictionary: A Lighthearted Introduction to the World of Education and Curriculum-Free Alternatives

by Jonas Koblin, ,

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Harness the Power of Unschooling for Your Child’s Education

Discover a world beyond traditional schooling for your child with The Unschooler’s Educational Dictionary, which takes a lighthearted approach to introducing you to the most essential concepts related to education, schooling, child development, the brain, and education in general.

Revolutionize your understanding of education. Delve into the unique world of unschooling, the innovative educational philosophy encouraging child-led learning through natural life experiences and learner chosen activities. This sarcastic yet insightful guide provides new parents and educators with a comprehensive understanding of behavioral biology, child development, important ideas in education, and much more.

Empower your approach to parenting and teaching. The Unschooler’s Educational Dictionary offers practical insights into alternative education strategies, incorporating theories from pioneers like Erikson, Piaget, and Freud. This essential survival guide and dictionary for unschooling enables you to develop a nurturing environment conducive to your child's cognitive growth and holistic development.

Inside, you'll find:

  • A new perspective on the dark sides of compulsory education
  • Profound insights into unschooling, offering a fresh perspective on alternative education
  • Comprehensive explanations of critical concepts in child development and behavioral biology
  • Practical application of renowned theories including Erikson's, Piaget's, and Freud's in the context of unschooling
  • A unique blend of lighthearted sarcasm and intellectual depth to make learning enjoyable and engaging


If you liked books such as Unschooled, The Call of the Wild and Free, The Homeschool Planner, or Raising Good Humans, you’ll love The Unschooler’s Educational Dictionary.

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  • Jonas Koblin

    Jonas Koblin was born 1978 in Germany. At age 11 he was playing football at FC Bayern, followed by a month with John Kluge—then the richest man in the US. A high school dropout, Koblin went to explore Asia in 1998, leading to the inception of WE DO, a non-profit incubator, and OSTASINN, a charity event series. He later interned at Leni Stern Recordings in New York and in 2002 started studying, and his first business venture, in Bangkok, Thailand. By 2007, Koblin was juggling college and three companies in eyewear, design, and retail.

    When his companies reached $5 million in revenues, and gained high-profile customers like Madonna, Koblin prioritized personal growth over wealth, and took a step back. In 2016 he completed the Hoffman Process, and started a family.

    In 2017, he launched Sprouts Schools learning videos and in 2018 Mali, a virtual companion for new mothers and the Sprouts Kindergarten.

    As of 2023, Sprouts Schools delivers lessons in the social sciences to millions of students every month in 10 different languages. The Mali apps serve thousands of mothers daily and the kindergarten serves 40 families. Koblin lives in Bangkok with his wife and three children.