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Why, Father?: A True Story of Child Abuse and Survival (For Fans of Cathy Glass) by Toni Maguire & Gerri Mayo

Why, Father?: A True Story of Child Abuse and Survival (For Fans of Cathy Glass) by Toni Maguire & Gerri Mayo


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Betrayed by Those Meant to Love Her, This is Gerri Mayo’s True Story of Survival

For fans of Cathy Glass and #1 bestselling author Toni Maguire comes a true story of abuse and survival

Toni Maguire is the author of twelve books sold over 1.5 million worldwide, including her own bestselling memoirs Don't Tell Mummy and When Daddy Comes Home. Telling her own story encouraged others who had kept their childhood secrets hidden to approach her. Now she writes for those who need a voice too.

Gerri Mayo was only a young girl when she was first abused by her father. Growing up in a small village in Northern Ireland, in the tumultuous time of the Troubles, she had no one to turn to. He father’s evil acts were followed by abuse from her local priest, arranged by her father. After her mother found out about the abuse, and believing there was nothing she could do to help her child, she committed suicide.

Gerri and her siblings were split up and placed in different foster homes. The children knew they were unlikely to see each other ever again. Told that her mother had committed a grave sin, Gerri’s foster parents were far from kind to her. She experienced years of loneliness, feeling completely abandoned.

The abuse Gerry experienced was so extensive it required an operation to repair the damage to her body. When asked who or what had been responsible, she responded “the priest”. But she was not believed in her small Northern Ireland town in the 1960s, where everyone believed a priest took his orders directly from God. After finally meeting her kind and caring husband a few years ago, and after celebrating her 60th birthday, Gerry decided it was time for her story to be told. This is her true story of survival.

If you’re a fan of Cathy Glass and books like Tears of the Silenced, If You Tell, or Spilled Milk, you will want to read Toni Maquire’s Why, Father?

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